Monday, January 27, 2020

Eruption Update: Current Lava Flow & Ponding Map

There still remains the threat of lava pond walls breaking, creating a “flash flood” of lava. USGS Volcanoes also noted in their daily summary that SO2 emissions have tripled due to the uptick...

Citizen Spotlight: Ikaika Marzo #stayclassypuna

Citizen Spotlight: Ikaika Marzo #stayclassypuna There are many Citizens who have reached out and Kokua those affected by the Eruption. We wanted to thank Ikaika Marzo for all that he does, even in...

Eruption Update: Pele Marches On

Eruption Update: Pele Marches On Below is the updated and current Lava Paths Map by the USGS Volcanoes. As always listen to Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency and Hawaii Emergency Management Agency for alerts and information. #HawaiianPress

Lava Flow Flyover, Kilauea

Mahalo to Ikaika Marzo and friends for all they do. #stayclassypuna #HawaiianPress

Eruption Update: Pele has reached the Ocean

At about 11pm last night, lava quickly crossed Highway 137 near Malama Flats. Pele has finally made Her way to the Ocean. As always listen to Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency & Hawaii Emergency...

Eruption Update: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Direct information from the scientists and rangers. #HawaiianPress #Kilauea

Eruption Update: Updated Possible Lava Paths Map

This map has been updated with as current data as possible by the USGS Volcanoes, including the new “river of lava” coming out of Fissure 20. As always, please listen to Hawaii County...

Eruption Update: Ash Explosion 04:17 Kilauea

Per Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency & Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park an explosive ash event has occurred. Kau, Puna, & Hilo will directly be affected by the Ash Fallout. Other areas on Moku o Keawe will...

Eruption Update: Closed & Open Roads

Eruption Update: Closed & Open Roads, Moku o Keawe Mahalo as always to Ikaika Marzo for his many Facebook Lives with confirmed and verifiable information. Stay safe everyone. #HawaiianPress