Photograph by H.L. Chase: H.R.H. Crown Prince Albert in his Company No.4 uniform

Hauoli La Hanau e H.R.H. Crown Prince Albert Kauikeaouli!

Crown Prince, Beloved Son, Honorary Firefighter, & Hope of Our Nation, H.R.H. Crown Prince Albert Edward Kauikeaouli Kaleiopapa a Kamehameha was born on May 20th, 1858.

H.R.H. Crown Prince Albert Kauikeaouli’s birth was a welcome joy; a child had not been born to a sitting monarch in many years. He was by all accounts a soft spoken, kind, and gentlemanly little boy. Our citizens were overjoyed that he and his mother H.M. Queen Emma had come through the birth just fine. Celebrations were held throughout Hawaii by our citizens for days afterward.

Ka Haku o Hawaii, the Little Prince or Little Lord of Hawaii, was most beloved by his parents and his subjects. Many places, like Princeville, Kauai were renamed for him. It is said that he wanted to become a Firefighter when he was older. In fact, Fire Engine Company No.4 of Honolulu Oahu made him an honorary Company No.4 member and had his own little red uniform sewn up just for him. His Godmother was H.M. Queen Victoria of England and the Little Prince was named Albert Edward after her husband. She and the Little’s Prince’s mother, H.M. Queen Emma, were lifelong friends. H.M. Queen Victoria’s christening gift as well as his little red coat can still be seen at Hanaiakamalama, H.M. Queen Emma’s Summer Palace in Nuuanu, Oahu.

Sadly our Little Prince fell ill soon after his 4th birthday. Doctors at the time believed it was “brain fever” or meningitis. However, modern doctors who have read the medical notes from that time have come to the conclusion that our Little Prince most likely had appendicitis, a condition that is still fatal today if left untreated. Some later circulated the rumour that he had fallen ill after his father H.M. King Kamehameha IV Alexander had poured cold water over his head during a tantrum. However this has been proven to be no more than malicious rumour.

The Little Prince’s death irrevocably changed our great nation. To many, his loss became the harbinger and death of Hope. His father fell into a great despair and passed soon after. His mother’s sorrow was so profound that she was given the name Kaleleonalani, the Flight of the Heavenly Ones, for her double loss. The loss of a crown prince and monarch back to back, destabilised our political landscape even further at a time when foreign influence was on the rise.

Our country and citizens deserve a calendar that celebrates our Nation and its diverse beauty. In 2019, we will be sharing many more significant dates that we hope will be representative of who we are as a Nation. If we miss something please forgive us as this is a work in progress!