Hauoli La Hanau e Iosepa Kahooluhi Nawahiokalaniopuu!

Famed orator, lawyer, painter, teacher, newspaper publisher, legislator, and patriot Joseph Nawahi was born January 13th, 1842.

Joseph Nawahi was not only a self-taught lawyer but also a man firm in the face of overwhelming opposition. He was an unflinching patriot who pushed back at political machinations that were detrimental to our country and our citizens no matter if that came from King Kalakaua himself, rival political factions, or U.S. backed agents. Below is a statue that was designed in honour of him that we hope one day will be built.

Our country and citizens deserve a calendar that celebrates our Nation and its diverse beauty. In 2019, we will be sharing many more significant dates that we hope will be representative of who we are as a Nation. If we miss something please forgive us as this is a work in progress!

**We know Joseph Nawahi’s birthday fell on a Sunday in 2019 but wanted to share it on a Monday, because it should rightfully be marked as a National Holiday. As such, most National Holidays so close to a work day would be declared a day off.**