Photograph of Robert Wilcox in his Royal Italian Artillery Uniform 1886

Hauoli La Hanau e Robert Wilcox!

Politician, Revolutionist, and Populist, Robert William Kalanihiapo Wilcox was born February 15th, 1855.

Robert Wilcox is one of many revolutionaries in Hawaii’s history. He had been sent as a young man by H.M. King Kalakaua to be trained in Italy; he so impressed his instructors that they placed him in the Royal Application School for Engineers and Artillery.

What is most remarkable, or aggravating to some, was that he took it upon himself to make direct change. His first rebellion against H.M. King Kalakaua, a statement of dissent against the forced Bayonet Constitution, landed him on trial for Treason. He was acquitted by jury. Throughout his life his political stance only sharpened to focus on increasing the rights of the average citizen, while opposing foreign political machinations. Many regard Robert Wilcox as Hawaii’s own, Hero of the People.

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(Photograph of Robert Wilcox in his Royal Italian Artillery Uniform 1886)