Citizens and allies who are members of Mauna Kea Kiai groups have begun gathering, some flying to Moku o Keawe in preparation and others helping to create the supportive network that will strengthen their footing. The U.S. Occupational Government’s Hawaii Governor Ige announced on July 11th that construction for the embattled Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) Project would begin from Monday, July 15th. He’s called up his powers to close off sections of Mauna Kea to hunting as well as road access up to the construction site.

With the latest incident involving the destruction and dismantling of religious and community structures, our citizens have communicated a growing concern that their Human Rights, Civil Rights, and Religious Freedom Rights are and have always been subject to the whims of the U.S. Occupational Government in Hawaii. Our readers and viewers here at Kamamaluula News have also expressed frustration that the opposition to the TMT Project has been framed to be anti-science and anti-progress, creating a narrative reminiscent of the “ignorant savage” who needs to accept the will of their betters.

Response to the conflict has been wide ranging, depending on whether you speak with locals and our citizens or with transplanted Americans. Some have responded by creating art, chants, and mele/songs. One popular song had the tagline “get the flock off our mountain,” a reference to the way aku birds thieve fish from those to whom it rightfully belongs. Others have claimed that Hawaiians have no religion and that the destroyed Ahu (religious structures) were mere publicity stunts. Members of the scientific community as well have voiced their concern that this project has crossed ethical lines.

As this situation unfolds we can only encourage all of Hawaii and the World to keep their eyes on Mauna Kea. This is especially important after the purchase of the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) by the U.S. Occupational Government, a weapon created for use by the U.S. Military, as well as the massing and transportation of U.S. Occupational Forces to Moku o Keawe. The Mauna Kea Kiai groups have also called in their own support, some links of which are listed below:

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HULI: Hawaii Unity and Liberation Institute
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KAHEA: The Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance
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