Concerned over issues relating to legislation over Hawaiian Crown and Government lands, Tamara Paltin, Chair of Maui County Council’s Planning and Sustainable Land Use Committee, called to order a meeting on May 15th to receive an update on Hawaii’s international status. Dr. Keanu Sai, Ph.D., gave a presentation to the Committee, and was designated as a resource person on said issue.

The Committee also acknowledged the Council’s unanimous Resolution 11-36, which urged support of House Concurrent Resolution No. 107 introduced by Mele Carroll to the U.S. Occupational Government’s State of Hawaii House of Representatives in 2011.  H.C.R. 107 previously died in committee; it was intended to investigate executive agreements between U.S. President Cleveland and H.M. Liliuokalani which occurred after the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom government.

Dr. Sai’s presentation focused on the legal status of the Hawaiian State since 1893 and administration of the law during belligerent occupation according to the Hague and Geneva conventions. Although no legislative action was taken during the meeting, Council Presiding Officer Pro Tempore, Tasha Kama, spoke in support of a Resolution to further investigate Hawaii’s legal status as related specifically to Maui County Council.

The full video documentation of the meeting is available via the Maui County Council website.