Sunday, November 27, 2022

Neutrality and Transparency Policy

We know that every citizen and organisation working together makes our country stronger. It is with respect for this process that we maintain a policy of Neutrality and Transparency.

Neutrality means we will not intentionally endorse any of the many citizen organisations nor their activities; we will be present, to the best of our abilities, to collect information of relevance to our citizens and country only.

Transparency means we will work in open partnerships with citizens and organisations so long as all efforts are kept open, credited, and vetted. We endeavour to be a trusted service.

As such, we ask that all citizens and organisations bear this in mind when they offer to be a source of information or insist we alter or change any reporting we do.

Kamamaluula News also does not accept free or discounted products or services.

We look forward to your cooperation!