Occupation Watch: SB 1451 SD1 HD1
(State Holiday; La Kuokoa; Hawaiian Recognition Day)

The U.S. Occupational Government has begun the process of assimilating La Kuokoa, our country’s Independence Day, into their government calendar. They dropped Good Friday and rebranded La Kuokoa as “Hawaiian Recognition Day”.

Reactions and testimonies from our citizens and Americans alike were mixed. One testimony in opposition claimed that adding La Kuokoa in to the calendar pandered to “anti-American secessionists”, another in support of the bill claimed it would “remember and respect” La Kuokoa.

More than a few opposed the bill solely because they felt it was an attack on Christians because Good Friday was dropped in lieu of adding Hawaiian Recognition Day. Others opposed the bill because it appropriates and purposefully mistranslates La Kuokoa to no longer mean “Independence Day”, thereby erasing our country’s & citizens’ right to Freedom.

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See link for most current information: SB 1451 SD1 HD1