Thursday, November 24, 2022

Meet Our Staff

Lāhela N.,
Co-Founder & Lead ʻAlele 

Welina me ka Oiaio! My name is Lāhela, I am the Co-Founder & Lead ʻAlele/Press for Kamamaluula News. I am from Hauula. I lived in Japan for nearly 10 years, where I attended University in Kyushyu, afterwards working for a company in Tokyo. In Japan, I made lifelong friends with many other multi-national individuals, living and learning about our shared world.

When I returned home to Hawaii, I was struck with how much had changed in just that short time. It was disturbing, seeing the slide towards forced American assimilation ramping up. I looked all around me and saw our Citizens being conditioned to simply grit our teeth and endure. On the 125th Anniversary of the Illegal Overthrow of our lawful country, January 17th 2018, I and my friend Kaci had a moment of true clarity. The first realisation that we could help our Country and our Citizens was to be genuine to who we are; every citizen has different skills, and every one of us can contribute in our own way. The second realisation was so much simpler—JUST DO IT ALREADY! From that moment on, we have made every effort to stay genuine to who we are and to always keeping doing what we need to do.

Kaci-Cheree P.,
Co-Founder & Lead Kālele 

Welina me ke Aloha! I’m Kaci, Co-Founder & Lead Kālele/Operations for Kamamaluula News. I am Oahu born, but have spent 20 years living overseas as part of the Hawaiian diaspora in the United States. I now live on Maui with my husband, and three very young children.

Having lived away from Hawaii for so long, I struggled with feelings of isolation and, having limited access to our country’s history and community – I believed that I didn’t have the ability to contribute in a meaningful way. Founding Kamamaluula together with Lāhela, while being 2,000+ miles away from home at the time, played a large part in correcting those feelings. And now, being back home, I feel more connected than ever before.

Another kuleana/responsibility of mine is serving as a board member for Hui Aloha Aina o Ka Malu Ulu o Lele (the Hawaiian Patriotic League of Lahaina), and a major focus of that group is returning families to their own ancestral lands.  It’s my hope that the work I do contributes to helping others out there get connected, and eventually come back home, just like I was able to do.