#ManaoMonday: Ulu/Breadfruit

Ulu is one of our country’s staple foods, right up there with Kalo. Ulu is traditionally seen as the sacrifice and gift from the God Ku. As Ku season has begun, what better time to share about His plant Ulu!

While there are many varieties within the Pacific, the Hawaiian Ulu is easily identified by its smaller size and pale yellow flesh. One early European sailor on the infamous H.M.S. Bounty, when introduced to Ulu, wrote that it had the potential to end world hunger.

Ulu can and has been enjoyed in many different ways, many similar to the preparation styles used for Kalo. Steamed Ulu, Ulu Poi, Ulu & Kalo mixed Poi, and Brown Sugar & Butter Ulu are some of the more familiar recipes. However, some new methods are really exciting in their ingenuity, like Ulu Ice Cream, Ulu Flour, Ulu Bread, Ulu pastries, Ulu Croquettes, Ulu burgers, and more ideas each day!

(Original Photo Credit: Hawaii Ulu Cooperative)