Dive Oahu President, Brian Benton, has been a source of ire amongst many of our Citizens. His company won the bid by the U.S. Occupational Government here, to oust the iconic Beach Boys from their space and booth on the shores of Waikiki.

Many questioned how a manipulation like this by the occupational government could be tolerated, much less by someone so eager to publicly proclaim his vested interest only in financial gain and a marked lack of experience. Now, rumours fly back and forth that the Star Beachboys Waikiki’s own Beach Boys were offered employment with Dive Oahu at 50% reduced pay. It would seem that lifetimes of experience, to Brian Benton, means very little when weighed against his American dollar.

This is sadly not the first example of American Citizens and American businesses given favour in order to supplant our Hawaiian Nationals and their businesses. We encourage all our Citizens to look closer at who’s choosing these contracts as well as who’s winning them.

(Screenshot Credit: Jennifer Yoon Sisiam)