Where the Other Half Live: The Hawaiian Diaspora in the US

[Part 1]

The total Hawaiian population has been increasing over the past several decades, but so too has the number of those leaving Hawaii to live abroad. According to data collected from the last US Census in 2010, nearly as many Native Hawaiians live in the United States as live in Hawaii itself.

In this first part of a continuing series which discusses the Hawaiian diaspora in the United States, we take a look at the numbers to understand Hawaiian emigration patterns in the US.  Please note that the demographics herein represent those who self-identified as Native Hawaiian in the 2010 US Census.  Kamamaluula News apologises that this article is not inclusive of all Hawaiian Nationals, as such data was unavailable.

The US Census Bureau and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs’ Data Book report that 527,077 Native Hawaiians reside in Hawaii and the US as of 2010. Of those, only 55%, or 289,970 are permanent residents of Hawaii. The remaining 237,107 are dispersed across 49 US states. The following graphic, from a Kamehameha Schools publication, illustrates the distribution of Native Hawaiians according to the 2010 US Census data.

As the population of Hawaii begins to decline according to the Hawaii State Data Center, the impact of Hawaiian emigration becomes more significant.  On another note, what could it look like for our citizens to return home?

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