Who is Aloha Poke Co.?

Citizen outrage at U.S. based and American owned Aloha Pokē co.  has set social media ablaze after they reportedly sent Cease and Desist letters to other food service businesses with “aloha” and “aloha poke” in their names, marketing and branding. In an effort to clarify fact from fervour, Kamamaluula News is digging deeper into this story. Below is a preliminary timeline delving into who Aloha Poke Co. really is and what they’re doing.


[2015-DEC-14] Aloha Poke LLC registers with the Illinois Secretary of State.  Since then, 19 other Aloha Poke limited liability companies were registered, including Aloha Poke Holdings LLC.

List of Aloha Poke entities filed with the Illinois Secretary of State

[2016-JAN-21] Aloha Poke LLC files for a Standard Character Mark trademark ”ALOHA POKE” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  The Trademark was granted and registered on August 30th of 2016.

ALOHA POKE Registered Trademark

[2016-MAR] Aloha Poke opens its first location at Chicago French market.  As of today, Aloha Poke has expanded to 14 additional locations.

[2016-MAY] Aloha Poke LLC files for a trademark for the Aloha Poke Co. logo with the USPTO.  The Trademark was granted and registered on August 30th of 2016.

ALOHA POKE CO Registered Trademark

[2016-OCT] Aloha Poke receives a seven-figure investment from the Levys to expand.

[2017-APR-10] Aloha Poke LLC assigns all rights to both trademarks to Aloha Poke Holdings LLC per USPTO.

[2017-JUL-20] Fairhaven Poke (formerly Aloha Poke Fairhaven), an eatery registered in Washingon in April of 2016, publicly announced that its name change was the result of legal correspondence from Aloha Poke Holdings LLC regarding their registered trademarks.

Fairhaven Poke’s public statement regarding changes in name and branding

[2018-JUL-28] A video by Dr. Kalamaokaaina Niheu went viral.  In it, she condemned Aloha Poke Co. for the Cease and Desist letter sent to a kanaka maoli family demanding that their business’s ”use of ‘Aloha’ and ‘Aloha Poke’ must cease immediately”.

[2018-JUL-30] Lei’s Poke Stop, an eatery registered in Alaska as of March of 2018, and Aloha Poke Shop, registered in Hawaii as of July of 2016, both reported receiving Cease and Desist letters on behalf of Aloha Poke Holdings LLC, and publicly released copies of the letters online.


[2018-JUL-30] Aloha Poke co. released a public statement addressing what it called “a significant amount of misinformation” shared on social media.

Public statement by Aloha Poke co. regarding public outrage on social media

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