Friday, February 21, 2020


Kamamaluula News is the National News Service of Hawaii. However, it was originally a simple Facebook Page where people posted up live feeds and other information from or relevant to Hawaii. It was dormant until two friends came together to steer it into what it is today: a working #HawaiianPress.

Our country, Hawaii, has been without a National Press since the 1920s. We had to really sit down and work out what it means to have a modern Hawaiian Press. Kamamaluula makes use of new tools and technology but also uses our Hawaiian journalism as the core. Our policies and techniques are born from that and make us decidedly unique. We make every effort to stay out of the way, and have the real people of Hawaii speak for themselves.


  • Sources stories from our country Hawaii, here in Hawaii
  • Shares stories that are relevant to Country and our Citizens
  • Wants our followers to Participate
  • Is for our Country & Citizens to Write their Own Narrative
  • Informs, Assists, Challenges, and Empowers our Citizens
  • Is for ALL Citizens of our multi-ethnic country
  • Respects & Engages with those who would Empower our Citizens

Our Techniques & Policies

We practice a 1:1:1 technique. One person, one question, one video – RAW and unedited. This ensures that our followers have a choice to get specific information at their speed; this also helps our interviewees to go in-depth on any given question. For material that is not ours we provide sourcing or track back, making sure credit is given. We also have a very strong Neutrality and Transparency Policy, we are a Service, not a political action group.

All content and information we put out will always be FREE. Our streams of income are based on Citizen Support: Yearly Subscriptions, Merchandise, Publications, and Basic Media Courses. We DO NOT take money for Advertising. We DO NOT have a paywall. Journalism should always answer to their Citizens, not rich companies or special interest groups.

We hope you too will support our work!